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SILAC brand High Energy Linear Accelerators up to 9 MeV. Upgradable to 1 kHz Rep rate for Dynamic mode X-Ray and CT Systems (depended on the detector)

High Power and High Energy Ultrasonic Pulser Receivers like RPR 4000, RAM 5000 Series, SNAP System and host of Accessories. Our Systems can be used for Pulse Echo (P/E) mode, Through Transmission mode (T/T), EMAT applications, Immersion Technique and can be automated with additional Hardware, Software, Probes or Transducers etc.,
X-RiS, Belgium
Battery operated X-Ray Generators up to 450 KeV. Real-time Tuneable energy (KeV and mA), Automation for in-line applications, Shielded Cabinets, Flat Panel System, X-Ray, and CT Software. Portable Pocket-size Flat Panel Detectors for critical area inspection.
GrindoSonic BVBA, Belgium
Impulse Excitation Technique (IET)

A non-destructive, material characterisation technique to determine the elastic properties and internal friction materials using resonance frequencies analysis.

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